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Xiaomi Mi Robot Review

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Produced by the Chinese company Xiaomi, the Mi Robot (Check on is a robotic vacuum with excellent performance.

For a low cost, it ensures a level of performance normally present only in high-end products.

Thanks to its incredible qualities it makes managing a household easier and turns cleaning into a simple and fun task.

The app allows you to program different functions and control the robot remotely.



The laser turret ensures optimal mapping of the environment, making this robot able to detect and circumvent any obstacles present along its route.

Also thanks to the laser turret it is able to distinguish between the areas where it has already passed and those that it has yet to clean.

Unlike other robot vacuum cleaners on the market, this device sports a patented cleaning pattern that consists of parallel lines, rather than random movements, thus optimizing time and ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Special features

Special features

Through the official Xiaomi Mi Home app, you can also control this robotic vacuum via voice commands.

The LDS (Laser Distance Sensors) in the device’s turret, allows you to optimize its cleaning routes, thanks to real-time scanning of the surrounding areas.

Its cleaning performance is ensured by a more than decent suction power, and sensors that detect the amount of dirt on different surfaces and adjust the power accordingly.

Animal hair

How many robotic vacuums can really remove animal hair from carpets? The Xiaomi Mi Robot manages to keep the house perfectly clean even in the presence of pets.

And when everything is spotless the device will return to its charging base ready for the next round.


The Xiaomi Mi Robot has a very long battery life of about two and a half hours. It is, in fact, possible to clean up to 2150 square feet with a single charge.

Final considerations

There is no shortage of praise online from the people who have already had the opportunity to try this product.

There is a myriad of testimonies of those who have experienced the efficiency of this robot first hand and have been left amazed by its incredible value for money (Check on

The only drawback is that it is slightly noisier than other devices, but the end results, more than make up for it.

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