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Yi Dome security cam review

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It seems that Yi, a company often associated with Xiaomi, does not want to slow down its rise in the world of imaging and after marketing two excellent action cams and some other products it’s time to try entering the security cam market. It’s called Dome (Check on, and it’s not the first of its kind.

We had the opportunity to try out the international version of Yi Dome. In the package you will find the power supply, the USB-microUSB cable and, of course, the security camera.

The form of the device explains in part the name of the product. Yi Dome has this shape for a very good reason: the upper sphere can rotate 360° horizontally and 115° vertically. This allows it to cover a vast area. You can also attach it to the wall or ceiling and have total coverage of a room. The setup is simple: the camera will connect to your home network (2.4GHz only) and you can immediately control it via the Android and iOS app.

Yi Dome is equipped with a 1080p camera (there is also a 720p cheaper version) with a 112° viewing angle, as well as 8 infrared LEDs for excellent night vision. The software is very intuitive and allows you to see everything in real time, with a fairly small delay, and streaming can automatically adapt to network conditions (with 1MB of upload you will not experience any tearing or freezing).

Using the app you can move the camera in real time and also take photos or record video, which are stored in Dome’s microSD memory slot. In addition you can also listen or talk to anyone in the vicinity. But let’s see the most advanced features: Yi Dome supports receiving notifications in case of movement. You will be able to adjust the frequency of the service and the camera’s awareness. You can also choose your favorite camera angle or have it rotate continuously (or only at certain intervals). You can also receive a notification when a baby’s cry is detected.

But the most unique feature in this price range is motion tracking. It is possible to activate the tracking feature in case of motion detection: the camera will follow any movement within its field of view. That’s pretty handy. The rotating mechanism is quite silent and unless you pay attention you won’t notice it.

The price of Yi Dome is the icing on the cake: (Check on for its Full HD version.

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