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Best gaming monitor 2023 [January]

When it comes to gaming monitors, there is not one that is perfect for everybody. Each gamer requires something different which depends on the PC or console they use, the titles they like to play, and the rest of the things they intend to do with it (productivity/film). Some of the best models have an ultra-fast response time and an extremely low input lag making them particularly responsive. Others feature a 4K resolution or an ultra-widescreen. Almost all of them have a refresh rate of at least 144Hz and support a form of adaptive synchronization technology (G-sync/FreeSync). The number of models and specs can be truly overwhelming.

Best cheap monitor 2023 [January]

If you’re looking for the best cheap monitor, we’ve collected here the best below $250. These cheap monitors are perfect choices for work, gaming or as second monitors. A second (or even third) monitor can make your job much more productive.

ASUS ProArt PA329Q review

The ASUS ProArt PA329Q is the perfect professional 4K monitor: it’s big, with excellent color quality, visible from an angle, and widely customizable. It includes many extra functions dedicated to professional use, and its only real drawback is the price, still in line with its performance and quality.

AOC Q2577PWQ review

AOC has made a truly solid monitor for general use. At 25″ it is neither too big nor too small, it has a QHD resolution that is higher than Full HD but not as “excessive” as 4K, and is equipped with all the possible ports. It lacks the wow factor whether a special function or a lower price, but both office and home users will be happy with this purchase.