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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum review: revolution of professional gaming

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The world of accessories and peripherals specifically designed for video game enthusiasts has undergone a drastic evolution thanks to new technologies and new requirements manifested by consumers. One of these needs is the marketing and development of left-handed models, often forced to choose between a limited number of products.

The famous Swiss company Logitech has thought well to combine the need to produce a gaming mouse model suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users with the need to equip their product with wireless connectivity that solves the problems that most concern pro gamers when talking about wireless gaming mice such as performance and input lag.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (Check on represents a real revolution in the world of gaming mice, not only because of the company’s ability to provide wireless technology free of defects but also for its high-level technical specifications and a modular design that adapts to left-handers and one that manages to attract even the most attentive to the aesthetic lines.


Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Design

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse is a very exclusive product, dedicated to fans who don’t care about expenses and those who want more than a dedicated gaming mouse.

The first thing you notice when holding the G900 Chaos Spectrum is its weight. From a wireless mouse, that integrates a battery, you would expect an above-average weight, but this is not the case. The G900 weighs only 107g — just to make a quick comparison, the Razer Mamba (Check on weighs 125g, while the Logitech G502 (Check on, without considering the weight of its cable, settles to 120g. The work done by Logitech is incredible, having managed to create a wireless gaming mouse as light as a feather. One of the aspects that caused fans to twist their noses is its symmetrical design, which fits both right-handed and left-handed people. Most professional-grade devices are expected to fit perfectly in your hand. Instead, Logitech decided to address all users with the G900.

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The G900 comes with two main buttons, left and right, which offer excellent feedback and can be used along their entire length, thus adapting to different types of grip. Between them, there is the wheel, and behind it, we find three more buttons. The bigger one is a wheel mode that shifts between a step motion (ideal for gaming) and a free motion (ideal for web browsing). Behind it, there are two buttons for selecting profiles and changing DPI.

The left side sees the presence of two additional buttons (forward and backward). In total there are seven buttons. That’s it? No, the G900 is a modular product. In the package, you will find two additional buttons. These have a dual function. You can install them to the right side and have to additional keys bringing the total up to 9, or, you can remove the ones on the left side, and transform this to a purely left-handed mouse.

Technical features

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Technical features

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum isn’t equipped with the most sensitive sensor on the market, but honestly, you don’t need it. Instead of the 16,000 DPI HERO sensor used on many of the company’s peripherals, Logitech used the 12,000 DPI PMW3366 sensor, the same one in the G502 Proteus Spectrum (Check on This sensor can drop down to just 200 DPI and supports a maximum acceleration of 40G and a maximum speed of 300 IPS. The polling rate reaches 1000Hz, with a response time of 1ms, both in a wired and wireless configuration. The G900 guarantees 32 hours of continuous use with the RGB lighting turned off, which drops to 24 hours with the lights turned on.

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The software accompanying the G900 Chaos Spectrum is the usual Logitech G Gaming Software, one of the best out there. First of all, it offers a complete hub with which to manage all your Logitech peripherals such as keyboards, headphones and so on. Once you have chosen the layout used on the mouse (right-handed, left-handed, etc.) you can configure the five profiles, assigning buttons to particular functions and choosing the DPI and polling settings.

These are stored on the mouse so that you can use them even with a different PC. Also from here, you can change the lighting settings choosing between 16.8 million colors and two effects, “Color Cycle” and “Cyclic Fade”, or by turning them off to save battery.

A section of the software allows you to manage energy savings, providing estimates of battery life and power consumption, based on your chosen settings. There is also a utility that tracks the surface of your desk, in order to better calibrate the sensor and one that provides handy usage statistics.

User experience

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum User experience

How does the G900 behave in practice? Is it really the ultimate wireless mouse? In our opinion, there is no absolute best gaming mouse since each gamer has its own unique style of play and grip. Certainly, the G900 leaves up to the expectations, providing impeccable performance. In slow-paced titles, such as World of Tanks, the DPI can drop down to 200, allowing you to aim carefully, while on fast-paced ones like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the accuracy of the PMW3366 sensor is near perfect, and this is no surprise. The only element that we weren’t so sure about was the wireless connection, but thanks to Logitech’s technologies there are no tangible differences between wired or wireless mode.

The only drawback we can think about is the lack of a docking station for charging…


The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a virtually perfect gaming mouse. It sports a precise sensor, excellent autonomy and a modular design that allows you to customize the device however you prefer. The downside is a hefty price of (Check on The lack of a docking station is not a deal-breaker but given the price, we would have expected the inclusion of one. Despite this, the G900 Chaos Spectrum represents Logitech’s peak product in the field of wireless gaming peripherals. If you want only the very best then you will not regret buying it. If you can’t justify the splurge then go with the G502 Proteus Core, at (Check on offers the same sensor and similar performance. The choice is yours.

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