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Logitech K780 review: the reinvention of keyboard rules

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It is common for me to have my smartphone besides my PC while at work and use both going back and forth between my desktop’s keyboard and the virtual one. In order to streamline this dance, I usually install an application that lets me see my phone’s screen on the PC, but if you can’t do that you are going to love the Logitech K780 (Check on

Logitech has devised this curious K780 keyboard, which can connect wirelessly with up to 3 devices and has three dedicated buttons, in order to allow you to quickly swap between them anytime you have to write something up. It also sports a groove that allows you to easily place cell phones or tablets on it.

The Logitech K780 is a true all-in-one keyboard, compatible with multiple platforms, with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and also using the proprietary Unifying dongle. It can connect with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS devices, and it supports all the different dedicated keys for each of these operating systems.

Logitech K780 – Design

Logitech K780 – Design

The first thing that catches our eye on the Logitech K780 is the groove on the top. It supports your mobile device at an angle, to allow you to comfortably see the screen as you write. It is also big enough to accommodate both a phone and a tablet at the same time (even in landscape mode).

The Logitech K780 is a membrane keyboard with rounded, concave and short-distance keys that closely resemble the experience of typing on a laptop keyboard.

On the back, we find the batteries compartment (two AAA) that can last of up to 12 months. In this same compartment, we can also store the USB Unifying dongle when not in use.

One thing I didn’t like is that both the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK lights are missing which can be annoying or at least confusing at times, but I understand they were omitted in order to save battery life.

Logitech K780 – Typing

Logitech K780 – Typing

Once you have placed this keyboard on your desk, it will not move. Its four rubber feet and its weight ensure excellent stability. The typing experience is also really good. The Logitech K780 uses scissor switches equipped with silicone domes, which provide a good rebound, pleasant tactile feedback, and a perfectly hushed click. Those of us who have to type walls of text all day will appreciate it greatly.

Comfort is the rendezvous, it’s a great keyboard that makes the job more enjoyable. The roundness of the keys is a bit confusing the first 10 minutes, but you get used to it very easily.

The only downside is the lack of dedicated multimedia keys. They are integrated with the F keys.

Logitech K780 – Competition

Logitech K780 – Competition

If you don’t have the need for a stand for a smartphone or tablet, but still want a keyboard that can attach to multiple devices, the best alternative to the Logitech K780 is the old K380 (Check on, which has almost the same key size, a slightly lower build quality, and is lacking the numeric keypad. Its successor, the K480 (Check on, does have a stand, but it costs more and we find it uncomfortable to write on since it is a bit noisier and with worse quality keys.

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Logitech K780 – Verdict

The Logitech K780 (Check on is a really fantastic and useful gadget for those people who want to easily pair their phones and tablets with an external physical keyboard, while still owing a quality desktop keyboard.

It is perfect both for home and office use, allowing us to write with ease while providing exceptional autonomy.

Of course, it is not ideal for gamers since the speed of the wireless connection isn’t always great, and the membrane keyboard has innate limitations when it comes to pressing multiple keys at the same time.

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