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Gaming Keyboards

Best gaming keyboard 2023 [January]

If you are a gamer you have to take the purchase of a gaming keyboard very seriously. When the keyboard acts as a controller it becomes much more than just a typing tool. It’s the extension of yourself, your interface with the digital world. Thus if you want to game on a PC, it’s worth knowing what makes a gaming keyboard truly good. Below you will find a guide in order to choose the best one for you along with our list of best gaming keyboards.

SteelSeries Apex Pro review: for hardcore gamers and prolific writers

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is currently the most expensive gaming keyboard out there. It features OmniPoint switches, that let you adjust the activation point of the switch however you like, and an OLED display, emphasizes its uniqueness, especially with programmable keys. They convinced us during testing and apart from the price this keyboard comes highly recommended.

Cooler Master MK850 review: the keyboard gamepad

If you are looking for a new mechanical gaming keyboard in the premium segment, then the Cooler Master MK850 is an interesting option. But the Wooting One and Two are somewhat better overall. If you see analog input mainly as a nice extra, the Corsair K95 Platinum costs less, and its the best premium keyboard there is.

Asus ROG Strix Scope review: the FPS king

Asus ROG Strix Scope is a solid and robust mechanical keyboard, with interesting features and solutions for gaming and in particular to first-person shooters. The Cherry MX switches are reliable as always, and the possibility of replacing the WASD keys with alternative keycaps represents a pleasant extra for a product that we found quite valid.

Corsair K63 Wireless review: couch gaming at its finest

The Corsair K63 Wireless is a perfect small keyboard for gamers thanks to its Red Cherry Switches. It has no macro keys or numeric keypad as it is designed to take up little space and be easily portable. There are a few extras we would like to see, but for this price, we cannot ask for more.