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Best keyboard 2023 [January]

We know you spend a lot of time in front of a computer with the keyboard as your main input device. Therefore, it’s important to choose a keyboard with features that meet your needs, both for gaming and productivity. We’ve done the job of narrowing them down to the most common uses and with our best choices, we hope to help you buy the one that suits you best.

Logitech K480: one for all

The Logitech K480 is the best multi-device keyboard produced by Logitech, and for this reason, certain shortcomings are a bit annoying, as the absence of backlighting. It is recommended especially for those who usually write on several different devices simultaneously.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID review

Finesse and elegance give the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID an excellent feeling. Its perfect compatibility with Windows 10 and its discreet design make it one of the best keyboards in its class. All this with a fingerprint sensor, to achieve perfection.