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The best action cams

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The action cam sector is now filled up with a number of different devices that allow people to quickly shoot interesting videos with a small device that can be kept in their pocket. That’s why we have designed this guide to help you choose the best device for you.

Bellow, we have listed the best action cams we have ever reviewed, sorting them by price. This way it’s not just a list of products on the market, but a real selection of the best action cams that you can buy right now.

How did we choose?

We have chosen the action cams that got the best reviews according to a list of criteria:

  • Build: an action cam must be robust and therefore be able to resist well against shocks and water.
  • Resolution/framerate/bitrate: resolution alone doesn’t cut it. For buttery smooth video, you also need a high enough framerate and the bitrate is equally important since it is the size in MB per second of footage.
  • Video quality: self-explanatory
  • Functions: each action cam has different features and therefore can be more or less suitable for different purposes.
  • App: a nice app goes a long way
  • Price: the devices are listed in ascending order

Which are the best action cams?


The EZVIZ S2 is super cheap and records in Full HD at 60fps. Its strong suit is the touchscreen that makes it possible for you to use it every day, even as a dashcam, although the accessory for that is sold separately. For those who need a simple device, it is certainly a good start.

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This SJ5000x (Check on is the classic cheap alternative to a GoPro since it’s compatible with all its accessories. The quality is not great, but it has a good number of features and also a display that lets you control the framing and shooting. Also notable a large number of accessories in its package.

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Yi Lite

It has the same design as the Yi 4K (and 4K+) but obviously much lower specifications. Still, it is the cheapest 4K action cam in our collection. A great plus is the Yi App which is the same across all Yi products even the most expensive ones.

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Xiaomi Mijia 4K

For a long time, the Yi action cams were mistaken for a Xiaomi product (Check on In this case, however, it is true. This is, in fact, Xiaomi’s real first action camera. It’s called the Mijia 4K and it’s super cheap. However, it can record in 4K, has an interesting design, a large touch screen, and good electronic image stabilization.

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In 2016 YI launched a very interesting new product: The YI Camera 4K (Check on This action camera is one of the best that you can find, thanks to its capacity of recording (real) 4K videos and the handy display on the back. The great smartphone app is the cherry on top.

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GoPro HERO5 Black

The King of Action Cams (Check on Let’s face it: the price is high and for an action cam just too much. But this is still the best action cam in the world.

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Yi 4K+

The Yi 4K+ (Check on can boast a record in this ranking: it is the first action cam to record at 60 fps (i.e. buttery smooth) at 4K resolution. This device also enhances the digital stabilizer of the previous model. At the time of its launch, it set itself up as the new industry standard.

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GoPro HERO6 Black

It’s the priciest action cam in this list (Check on, but there’s a reason for that. It put GoPro, again at the top of the action cam segment. The electronic stabilization works wonders and the 4K at 60fps footage is of high quality.

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