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Apple Magic Mouse 2 review: no better than the older model

I must admit that I tried several alternative mice, and they were almost always more ergonomic, but the convenience of the touch gestures and the fluidity of movement, always makes me come back to the Magic Mouse. It’s a matter of taste, of course, but I find it more practical. However, I don’t think that there is a valid reason to update from the older version. The Magic Mouse 2 is just an improved version for new buyers. I still think that Apple could have avoided this update since the improvements are marginal at best.

The best All-in-One computers

In this guide, we have selected the best all-in-one mid-range devices, that are able to handle most daily tasks and have the ability to process photos and videos up to Full HD resolution. All selected models have monitors with a diagonal of 24 inches.

ASUS ProArt PA329Q review

The ASUS ProArt PA329Q is the perfect professional 4K monitor: it’s big, with excellent color quality, visible from an angle, and widely customizable. It includes many extra functions dedicated to professional use, and its only real drawback is the price, still in line with its performance and quality.

AOC Q2577PWQ review

AOC has made a truly solid monitor for general use. At 25″ it is neither too big nor too small, it has a QHD resolution that is higher than Full HD but not as “excessive” as 4K, and is equipped with all the possible ports. It lacks the wow factor whether a special function or a lower price, but both office and home users will be happy with this purchase.

Gaming Hard Disk: which one to choose

In this guide, we help you select the best gaming hard disk, an essential component for storing large amounts of games. Historically known as a magnetic drive, the hard disk has a capacity/price ratio unrivaled by modern SSDs. The ideal setup is to pair a fast SSD, on which to install the operating system and most software programs, to a more voluminous gaming hard disk, for video games and media files. Let’s see the parameters to consider when purchasing a hard disk.

Best WiFi Repeater: Buying Guide for the best range extender

In this guide, we will find out which is the best WiFi repeater for you, and what criteria are to be evaluated during the purchase. These products have become increasingly popular and the growth of the smart home market has only increased their demand. In fact, there are ever more connected devices in our homes. It is, therefore, necessary to have good WiFi coverage, in order to ensure perfect operations.