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Best Electric Skateboards Buying Guide

Electric skateboards, along with hoverboards and electric scooters, are revolutionizing the way we move. E-skates in particular, have given new life to the dear old skateboard, making it a solid contender between the different means of transport.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ review

We had never tried a Garmin fitness tracker before and so we thought we’d fill this void beginning with the newest Vivosmart HR, in its plus version which is the one equipped with GPS.

Fitbit Alta HR review

Fitbit has decided to update its smallest and possibly most beautiful bracelet: The Alta, then now becomes the Alta HR, and thanks to space-saving design, the company has also been able to cram a heart rate sensor into its body.

Fitbit Charge 2 review

Fitbit is the most well-known company in the world of smart fitness trackers and the launch of a new bracelet is, therefore, a big deal. Let’s speak about the Fitbit Charge 2.